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When you need help with AutoCAD®, Civil 3D®, Land Desktop® (time to move on), and now Civil3D Power Tools
…call Brian Morse.




This site is preserved for archival purposes from the business entity days. I am glad people are still finding me through this site to get reconnected. Life is a moving target. Catch the latest that Brian Morse is working on at

  • Autodesk Reseller web site Advanced Civil Technology was d.b.a. Advanced Surveying Technology until everyone got used to us being Advanced Civil Technology
  • Also visit my Advanced Surveying Technology Blog which continues as a great resource for Surveyors with a new look and features (2014-11-25)
  • and Brian's Advanced CAD Technology Blog with a new look and features (2014-11-25)
  • and Brian's Advanced Civil Technology Blog, a re-relaunch with new look and features and a store(2014-11-25)
  • and Brian's Advanced Mind Maps web site focused on introducing and expanding your use of Mindjet's MindManager as the next big thing in organizing and presenting information. There is a broad list of uses for this software. Advanced Mind Maps is where to begin your journey.
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A short list of links you will be interested in...

When I find great products that I think everyone can use I like to share that info with you.

  • See my list of Civil 3D Add-on recommendations at's Other Products Page
  • Mindjet's MindManager is mind mapping software that can help you capture ideas and lists of to do's. Why try to keep everything in your head? Do a brain dump, organize it, and make a habit of using this tool to guide your actions. Drop the distractions and focus on what's important.
  • Get the add-ons to MindManager from Olympic and benefit for some very clever, very useful enhancements to MindManager. After using MindManager for a few months check out Olympic's set of add-ons and you will appreciate the convenience they offer.
  • TagKeys lets you eliminate the repetative typing you do every day. How many places do you visit that require a username and password? That's just one way this program automates your tasks. (I am using TagKeys right now to automate a few edits to this web page.)
  • FastStone Screen Capture software is hands-down the best $20 I ever spent.
  • Notepad ++ is a great text editer. (I am using it right now to edit this web page)
  • Vice Versa Pro is used to compare files
  • Bulk Rename Utility helps me most by renaming pictures and videos

It's fun to see what a mess the code looks like on this site created in 2003. I'm getting better at editing web pages. This skill is not mandatory now (in 2014), it's just for fun. Anyone that is in business that does not have a web site or a way for people to find them on the web is invisible. People's buying habits have completely changed because of the web. You now have do-it-yourself easy to use tools to get your web presence started. Just search the web.

I still have a few handy Tips posted here at


Photos from my trip from Columbus, OH to Maysville, KY

Photos from my bike trek across Maine.

Photos from my dive trip to Crystal River

Photos from my bike ride to
The River House

Hoover Dam Pics

Vegas at Night Pics


 ((Intentionally left blank))

((Intentionally left blank))

Rough Road