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IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Change in Autodesk Reseller

If you received an email from Autodesk with this subject line it contains many errors. Don’t panic. Please disregard that message. This is the true and correct information that should have been stated.

Dec 31, 2015 Advanced Civil Technology closed.  We are now advising our customers to work with Advanced Technologies Solutions in Jacksonville.  They have a great reputation.  Brian Morse (owner of Advanced Civil Technology) is a sales rep for Advanced Technologies Solutions during this transition period.  Jacki Ness is your contact person at Advanced Technologies Solutions.  She will be sending you a quote for your subscription renewal. (Government entities still receive their quotes from DLT Solutions and support from Advanced Technologies Solutions and Brian Morse)  Below is the contact info you will need.

Please fill out the “Reseller_of_Record_Change_Request_2016” form and send it to Jacki.

Jacki Ness
Advanced Technologies Solutions
8647 Baypine Rd, Bldg1, Suite 204
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 363-2223
jness  at

I am still in the business of providing support, training, and consulting so keep my contact info handy.

Please use this form to contact Brian Morse or call 941-730-4447 and leave a voicemail (because I’m in a training class).

Please use this form to send me your name, phone, and email address. I would like to handle this matter with each customer individually since you are getting the wrong information from what should be a reliable source (Autodesk).

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