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Civil 3D 2016 Service Pack 3 – have you found it?

Things have changed when it comes to getting service packs for Civil 3D. Once upon a time you could Google and find. Today you cannot use that method and be successful. I could write a list as long as my arm with all the methods I tried to find this service pack that did not work. I’ll spare you that rant and show you what works.

Very simple. Click the Autodesk Desktop Application. You will find Civil 3D 2016 Service Pack 3 very easily. Once you install it the link vanishes from the list.

I usually like to download the installation file and readme file and organize the files in my downloads folder. You need to take a different journey to get the files. Like I said previously, the old search and download tricks no longer work. Let us begin the twisted path to the treasure chest.

  1. Login to
  2. Find Civil 3D in your list of products.
  3. Filter on 2016
  4. Click on Updates and Add-ons
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the list.

You found it! Use the Browser Download button to save the file to your hard drive. Repeat the steps to find the readme buried under “more options” link below the Browser Download button.

Reminder, Autodesk no longer has combined service packs. You must download and install AutoCAD and Civil 3D service packs separately


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