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Civil 3D Training

Brian Morse provides Civil 3D Training.

We can tailor the topics to just what you need to complete tasks for your ongoing projects. We will structure the content and delivery to align with your priorities. We always do custom classes using your data so we stay focused on your deliverables.

One option is to conduct training at your office typically setting up a classroom in your conference room. Having your first session of training in a face to face classroom environment will be more effective when you wish to have a hands-on learning experience and everyone is new to the topics we plan to cover.

We can also provide some or all of your training online using GoToMeeting if your schedule does not have room for a multi-day training event or travel costs are too high. Online sessions are limited to 2 hour segments. We usually plan online sessions to cover shorter, more specific topics that supplement a major topic. Online training is a great way to cover more material in shorter session that fit your busy schedule. Seminar style presentations are great online. Online training works well for 2 or 3 experienced people who want to follow along on their computer and ask questions.

In any case, classroom or online, we record all sessions and give you the recordings as a part of our training services.

The cost for online training is $xxx/hr for online training. If we visit your office to do training we charge $xxxx/day. The rate includes travel costs.

To begin we need to get to know who wants training and what types of drawings they need to produce. You also want to have a drawing template setup as a standard for everyone to follow. The template is a very important part of the automation the software provides. Automation means spending less time to complete your work and having fewer errors in annotation on your plans.

I will create a Training Proposal to include a list of training topics and services with a budget of time and cost associated with each item. It is best to structure the topics to match your ongoing project needs. You can immediately put your new knowledge to work. The learning process may take a few months. The “pay as you go” nature of the process means training will have a minimum impact on your cash flow.

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