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Pursuing Smart Cities Projects

For the past year I have been educating myself on another interest, Smart Cities. I would like to start working on these types of projects. If your company is actively pursuing Smart City projects with an eye toward civil infrastructure I am interested in helping your efforts. If you don’t find me I will find you.

“Governments around the world are looking to increase the attractiveness, services and economic opportunities of their city, state or country by facilitating citizen engagement and optimizing operations.” – IDC

Smart Cities systems integrators are needed in the marketplace. In my research I see many companies qualified to take the lead and brand themselves as such. Few have positioned themselves to be discovered by communities eager for assistance in developing their Smart City mojo. Let’s develop an easy to digest strategy that busy government officials can use to take the first steps toward self-funded incremental changes that improve operations as they transform their identity to a more desirable destination.

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