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Create Alignment from Network Parts in Civil 3D

Pipe Network in Plan and Profile.

The purpose of this article is to optimize the use of the Create Alignment from Network Parts command in Civil 3D. You will typically repeat this command for each pipe run you wish to display in a Profile View. There are many settings to preconfigure so each dialog box you encounter in the process will have the desired name format, style, and label choices set as the default. Since this is related to work done with the FDOT Civil 3D State Kit add-on to Civil 3D I posted this article to

If you’re eager to see my final conclusion the summary is below:

  • Enable Save Command Changes to Settings in Drawing Settings.
    • Your alignment name edits will be remembered
    • Your choice of the Profile View Style will be remembered.
  • Set the Alignment Style by editing the Alignment Settings, not the command settings
  • Set the Surface Profile Style, Profile Name Template, and Profile Label Set by editing the Profile settings, not the command settings.
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